MARSO INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION IND. and LTD. Bursa was founded on August 30, 1999. Refrigeration industry for years, the company founded by young businessmen who serve as managers, "providing solutions to the problem" management policy of the 21st century is one of the rising stars.

Young and dynamic structure, "Industrial Refrigeration and Bakery" which is one of the leading companies in sectors MARSO, product diversity and committed to its goals of modern management philosophy is walking steps.

MARSO'nun in the portfolio of our company; cooler showcase equipment, wood decorated cake showcase equipment, bread, wooden bread racks and display cases, cold rooms, bench-type products such as refrigerators and gastronomic showcase a wide choice available.

MARSO, continues to export heavily to the work. The company was preparing for a European sales organization based in Germany with superior quality, aesthetically appealing, and CE devices showcase aims to reach the whole world. Our company currently sells products in 60% of the domestic market, 40% of the foreign market.



  • Our in-house active, excellent communication and team work;
  • Mutual trust, a strong work ethic, the so-called standstill;
  • Understanding of modern management, customer and suppliers, effective, efficient and constructive co-operation


MARSO continuous and stable growth, the increase depending on the company's value brand, quality and zero defect products to offer the vision is to keep internal and external customer satisfaction. Our aim is to understand our customers' expectations and desires, expectations of high quality products with reasonable price for the service-oriented company is to respond quickly and effectively.

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